Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. I will be making a better website in the near future.

Starting 3/20/13 Please visit my Facebook page(Green button on left) for any updates information and pictures

Thank you for your interest in my knives. Folding knives
This site represents a sampling of my work and a little about myself. Art/Fantasy Knives
I started making knives in Nov. '91 after an industrial accident in a steel warehouse Hunting/Utility style Knives
I offer a wide variety of knives from hunters to ornate daggers and swords to midevil weapons Links
I use most any steel, 440-C, ATS-34, 154CM, D-2, 1095, and my personal favorite, Damascus. I prefer to use natural handle materials such as the highest quality wood, ivory, horns, and stone. Awards
I have been published in many publications around the world. Email for more information       
My knives have been sold to customers in many countries, such as Japan, Argentina, England, Germany, Austria,Canada, France, and all over the USA. Available Knives
I have also done seminars of knife grinding and Damascus forging at shows and seminars around the country . Damascus

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