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New and News

12-30-12 Its clear that I will not be able to update this site as I want so I will be leaving this up for some type of reference and working on a new site.

10-12-02 Because of recent health issues I do not consider my self a full time knife maker I will work as I can when I can. I appreciate your understanding and support

07-09-02 I am as time permits rebuilding my website to make it easier to keep it up to date. Right now I do all my own work and I type my own code and it is slow and if I don’t keep up with it I get rusty and that slows things down even more. So I have started to learn Front page in hopes that I can keep this page very current. Also I am looking for a better place to host my site no more adds or pop ups but until then I will be posting some work I have done over the last year it wasn’t much as I have had to keep working hard on finishing orders. I figure I have 6 months to one year and all my orders will be completed and I will be free to make some of the knives I have wanted to make for so long.

10-29-01 Sorry I haven’t been attending to my website I have been laid up for some time with a badly torn calf muscle and have been unable to move much at all. I am back to work for the most part and trying to get caught up with my orders and to try to get some inventory for the up coming Chesapeake knife show in Dec. Also I will be adding some new pictures to the site.

8-6-01 I have been working on engraving and gold inlay as time permites for several years now and now I have compleated my first piece with some gold inlay and my initials engraved in the blade. It is a Boot knife in damascus. Please let me know what you think.

7/14/01 I have added the3 Bar Sword and the 5 Bar bowie pictures to my site,I hope you Like them. If anyone has any questions or comments please email me.

7/8/01 Well I am back from the Western reserve Cutlery Association’s 13th annual Knife Expo. I had a great trip. I put on a forging demonstration showing the basic way I made the Damascus in the 3 bar Hunter/boot I started showing the basic forge weld and then moved to showing my twisting method. From there I made a stack of 3 bars, the two outermost bars had a clockwise twist and the center was a counter clockwise twist. Then I proceeded to weld them followed by forging the blade out. All went very well. I also was lucky enough to win Best custom straight knife with my 3 bar short sword. I will be posting pictures of this piece very soon.

6/11/01 I have added to the Damascus page. I like making different types of Damascus and currently the multi bar is getting my interest. I have posted 3 multi bar Bowie blades I have made recently. I have a 3 bar sword I will be finishing soon and will post it as soon as I can. So far it looks great.

6/10/01 Well I think I have finally completed the descriptions for all the knives on my webpage and now I can move on to adding more pictures and more general information about my work.

6/8/01 Here is the picture of the 3 bar Hunter/boot This knife is Sold

6/7/01 As some may have noticed I have cut way back on shows, this is because I have needed to catch up on all the orders. So many things happen when you are a one-man shop that can really set you back quick. Well the good news is I am about caught up and I have started some new projects that are really exciting to me. One is trying new things in Damascus I have made several composite blades and the first completed is a 3 bar hunter with stag. I hope to start posting the pictures in the morning.

6/6/01 I have decided to update this site and update it much more frequently. And one of the first changes is this page “New and News” I will be adding what ever is new with Etzler knives or this Website here first. Please check back here often to see what’s new and news.